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SmartWater CSI

SmartWater CSI, LLC™, a cutting edge, high technology company with a track record of crime deterrence and theft reduction in the UK, has established its North American corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.

SmartWater is a water-based, clear solution which is brushed or sprayed onto property, drying totally invisible. Each bottle contains the owner’s unique forensic formula (PIN) which is logged into a secure database so recovered property can be traced.

The spray solution transfers to a thief’s clothing and skin, providing microscopic forensic evidence to prove the presence of the suspect at the time of the incident.
SmartWater is officially classed as “non-hazardous” (see Safety Data Sheet) with only a speck the size of the period at the end of this sentence needed to establish the suspect’s guilt.

SmartWater is ISO09001 quality management and ISO27001 information and security management accredited. It is also accredited to the highest standard (Grade A) of the BSI PAS 820:2012 classification certifying that its forensic coding lasts for a minimum of 5 years.

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Thieves Beware

It is recommended, but not mandatory to schedule a FREE Security Survey for your home or business where you will learn about recent crime trends and the possible vulnerabilities regarding your windows, doors, locks, landscaping and lighting. Suggestions will be made to help “Target Harden” your property.

Upon the completion of your survey you will receive a FREE SmartWater CSI Applicator Kit and be instructed on the proper application to your property.  Once you fill out the Registration Form we will get you registered with SmartWater CSI.

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