Found Property List

Property that is turned in as found (with the exception of firearms) may be claimed by appointment at the Winter Park Police Department during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. To claim your lost property, you must provide proof of ownership and present a valid photo ID.

Found Property is held for 90 days and then disposed of in accordance with Florida Law. Items that are sold are done so by competitive bidding via public sale at

ItemFound OnLocation FoundDisposal Date
Fishing poles2/7/2019Mead Gardens5/7/2019
Keys and lanyard2/6/2019840 South Denning Drive5/6/2019
Bike2/6/20191101 N. Kentucky Avenue5/6/2019
Keys1/31/2019Winter Park Library5/1/2019
Phone1/30/2019Denning Park4/30/2019
Bikes1/30/2019Lake Sue Avenue4/30/2019
Video game system1/30/2019Central Park4/30/2019
Cell phone1/23/20192617 W. Fairbanks Avenue4/23/2019
Ring1/11/2019310 N Park Ave4/11/2019
Key12/31/2018N Park Ave and N Pennsylvania Ave3/31/2019
Bike1/3/2019642 S Lakemont Ave4/3/2019
Bike1/3/20191629 Lee Rd.4/3/2019
electronics1/2/2019North Park Avenue and Garfield Avenue4/2/2019
Phone12/28/2018Regal Cinema3/28/2019
bag w/ contents12/26/20181051 West Webster3/26/2019
Bike12/22/2018Palmer Avenue and Temple Drive3/22/2019
Keys12/23/2018100 St Andrew 3/23/2019
Book bag w/contents12/11/2018255 S. Denning Drive3/11/2019
Purse w/ contents12/6/2018180 N. Park Avenue.3/6/2019
Bag w/ jackets12/8/2018St. Margret Mary Church3/8/2019
Gloves12/6/2018WP Library3/6/2019
Bike11/10/2018Denning & Harmon2/10/2019

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment you may contact our Evidence Unit at or call 407-599-3322.