Do You Know Me? Program

In an effort to assist first responders, within the City of Winter Park, with reuniting persons with special needs with their families or caretakers when they become separated or when responding to their homes, the Winter Park Police Department is pleased to offer the “Do You Know Me?” program.

The program consists of a database that allows you to submit identifying information of the person and specify their special needs as well as any other instructions that can help law enforcement and/or fire personnel know better how to interact with or treat them should they need help. Once the information you submit is received, it will be stored in a database visible only to the Police and Fire-Rescue personnel. The database will then become an additional tool to be used when first responders encounter someone with special needs who is in need of help. If at any time, you need to update or delete information about a previous entered individual, you may contact Master Police Officer Jim Whitman at

Recognizing that the first few minutes are crucial when a person goes missing, we hope that this tool will help us re-unite loved ones to their families as quickly and efficiently as possible.