Business Watch Program

Business Watch Program
Business Watch was established to create a safe, secure environment for businesses, employees and shoppers. Crimes against business are usually crimes of opportunity. Business Watch attempts to make crime against business risky and unrewarding. It is based on one of the oldest and simplest concepts known to man-neighbor-helping-neighbor. When neighboring merchants get together and cooperate with law enforcement, a safe and productive shopping environment can be achieved.

One of the new projects within Business Watch is the linking of businesses with the Winter Park Police Department through either fax machines or email. This will allow the police department to quickly notify area businesses of criminal events that may impact them. The program is presently in it’s infancy but there is optimism that, upon its completion, it will be a great asset to the business community.

Officer Liza Cieszynski  is responsible for commercial crime prevention. His duties include coordinating and expanding the Business Watch, which includes disseminating crime information to the business community. He is also responsible for presentations within the city on a variety of subjects. Some of these presentations include robbery prevention, retail theft prevention, personal protection, fraud and scam prevention and other various crime prevention related subjects.

Officer Chris Belcore is responsible for coordinating a ride along program. This program allows citizens to accompany patrol officers for a tour of duty. This gives citizens the opportunity to see how law enforcement operates within the City of Winter Park. Please contact Officer Belcore at 407-599-3507 or

Other programs and services provided by the Business Crime Prevention section include:

Business Watch Program Pamphlets

  • Commercial Security Surveys
  • Personal Protection Programs
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Program
  • Convenience Store Inspections
  • Senior Fraud and Scam Programs
  • Child Protection Programs
  • Ride Along Program
  • Bank Robbery Prevention Programs
  • General Robbery Prevention

If you have any questions regarding business crime prevention or  presentations please contact Officer Liza Cieszynski at 407-599-3248 or