Bike Patrol Unit

The Bike Patrol Unit was first instituted in 1992 and at the time was a volunteer unit. Officers who wished participate were given a temporary duty assignment for a month at a time on the bike. The unit continued this way until it became a full-time unit in 1995 with 4 officers being permanently assigned to the unit. The officers assigned to the unit use mountain bikes as their main form of transportation.

The inherent value of having officers on bicycle patrol is that it provides high visibility, accessibility, and increased mobility. The bicycle patrol has provided the officers with the perfect vehicle for problem solving policing, by allowing interaction with the general public on a daily basis.

The Bike Patrol Unit is also involved in a number of other community oriented programs. The unit conducts bicycle rodeos, bicycle safety programs for local schools and organizations, assists with Neighborhood/Business Watch, along with many other programs.



Bike officers use multi-speed mountain bikes made by Cannondale, for law enforcement use. The unit currently utilizes both full suspension and front only suspension bicycles. In addition, all of the bicycles are equipped with lights for night riding, a rack, and a bag to carry equipment. Officers are issued helmets, gloves, bicycling shoes and summer and winter uniforms.


All officers assigned to the Bike Patrol Unit must complete an approved 40 hour mountain bike rider course. This course is based on the nationally recognized Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA) training curriculum. The week long school is taught by certified instructors from the Orlando Police Department, in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Institute.

If you have any questions regarding the Bike Patrol Unit or any of it's programs, please contact Sgt. Frank Cowart at 407-599-3248 or email at

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