Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division is a sub-section within the Operations Division. This section is responsible for the staffing and operation of several patrol support units. Some of the units that fall under the Special Operations Division include the Traffic Enforcement Unit, K-9, Parking Enforcement, Crossing Guards and Lakes Patrol. In addition to this function, the Division is also responsible for working with personnel of other City departments in arriving at and implementing solutions to various traffic conditions. They are assisted by the placement of traffic calming devices, the utilization of educational speed display units and the results of traffic engineering studies in arriving at solutions for specific traffic related problems. They examine all proposed construction sites in the City for the possibility of road or sidewalk obstruction or other hazard to traffic or pedestrian safety and recommend corrective action if any is deemed necessary.

Special Operations personnel also have the task of coordinating police involvement (vehicular traffic movement, security, and crowd control) for special events that occur within the city. These events can range from the large scale such as the Winter Park Art Festival to more modest functions like a city road race or movies in the park. Along with city events, the Division also oversees requests for off-duty police officers to work at private businesses or functions.

If you have any questions regarding the Special Operations Division or any of it’s programs, please contact Sgt. Jeff Hershone at 407-599-3365 or email at jhershone@cityofwinterpark.org.

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