Investigations & Records Division

The Investigations Division of the Winter Park Police Department is comprised of 6 detectives, 5 task force agents and a detective sergeant. Criminal Investigations’ detectives are assigned cases that primarily come from reports generated by patrol units from calls for service. These cases routinely are from crimes against persons or property. The task force agents are assigned to various regional Central Florida task force groups comprised of agents from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. These groups investigate a wide range of crimes anywhere from drug investigations to money laundering classes.

If you have any questions about the Criminal Investigations Division, please contact Lieutenant John Montgomery at 407-599-3615 or

The Community Services Division of the Winter Park Police Department is comprised of supervisors, officers and civilians. The responsibilities of this division range from implementing community-oriented policing units such as Neighborhood and Business Watch, and the School Resource Officer program.

Along with above listed functions, the Community Services Division is in charge of many of the civic-minded programs offered by the department. The Lock Box and S.A.F.E. programs, security surveys, and department tours are just a sample of some of the civic programs that are conducted by this division. If you have any questions about the programs offered by the Winter Park Police Department, please contact Lieutenant Lisa Suepat at 407-599-3282 or

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