Training Section

The Training Section of the Winter Park Police Department is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the training and continuing education of the members of the Department. By having a dedicated training section, this ensures that new skills are developed and that an officer’s existing skills are improved. The Section also makes certain that standards set forth through accreditation, agency policy and the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission are maintained and up to date. The Training Section facilitates training in these areas, and maintains the required documentation and records for the trainings.

Regular training sessions are held on a quarterly basis. Topics include subjects that meet specific training needs, and courses of instruction that meet agency goals and directives. Agency members also receive continuous training in firearms and the use of force throughout the year. Other areas that are frequently addressed include first aid, American Heart Association CPR techniques and the use of the LifePak portable defibrillator. In addtion to the regular training sessions, the Training Section is responsible for remedial training, roll-call training, specialized training and any other training related activities.

Some of the training officers receive include:

  • Defensive Tactics (including Use of Force)
  • Firearm Proficiency
  • Handcuffing and Impact Weapons
  • Standardized Field Sobriety Training
  • Domestic Violence Situations
  • Safe and Legal Traffic Stops