Administrative & Community Services Division

The law enforcement needs of the Winter Park community and the needs of the individual units and sections of the Department are continually being assessed by the Chief and command staff personnel. They, accordingly, assign personnel and other resources so as to most effectively and most efficiently deliver the necessary services by means that are consistent with both the mission and the philosophy of the Department and the requirements of the various commissions and the documents of law mentioned above. They make certain that a balance of resources is always maintained to meet any contingency that may occur and that appropriated budgetary funds and awarded grant and forfeiture funds are disbursed in a fiscally responsible manner.

The responsibilities and duties of the Administrative Division include the preparation and monitoring of the Department’s fiscal year budget; the maintenance and the retention of the records relating to personnel, purchasing and forfeiture and grant funds; the overseeing of internal security matters, professional standards, records, training and accreditation; the updating of mutual aid and task force agreements entered into with other law enforcement agencies; and continually searching for sources of grant funds and submitting applications for award consideration.

The Chief assure that his administrative staff is readily accessible to all Department personnel and to the public in general; that inter-department and inter-agency cooperation is maintained; that all Department personnel immediately address every work related liability concern, treat the public trust with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, and that they are aware that they are ultimately accountable to the law and to the constituency that they serve. They also encourage each employee to always represent law enforcement in a positive light by leading an exemplary, law abiding personal life.